Curse of Iron

If you think I have it all, you're wrong.

I’m Morgana Silk and I'm a hybrid. Daughter of the Fae Storm King, my mother's witch family has wanted me dead since I killed her in childbirth. Fun. Right? Yeah. Until one day, I wake up with a dead body in my bed, and find myself framed for the murder of a highly respected alpha.

Grayson Xenos is tailing me. He's as handsome as his jaguar is deadly, and I certainly didn't expect him to have my back. The enemy has an evil magic I can't face on my own, and Grayson needs me to help him just as much as I need him. He's a temptation I can't ignore nor deny. I have the power to unmask the hidden enemy and he has the power to take them down.

But only if I can embrace the heritage I’ve avoided for so long….

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About the Book
Series: Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles, Book 1
Tags: Fae, Fantasy Romance, Shifters, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Chaotic Press
"I couldn't put it down...The story line will really grip you."
– Amazon Reviewer
"My new favorite series written by the dynamic duo Miers and Knox!"
– Amazon Reviewer
"Written in a very clever and ingenious way... It reads very much like a movie"
– Amazon Reviewer
"A bloody fantastic book." - Book Addict
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