Fae Kissed

Half-human, half-fae. I’m Fae Kissed. Both cursed and blessed. My name’s Alana Creed and I’m able to travel into every realm, but I don’t quite fit into any of them.

Fate. Some people call it lies. Other’s live by it, know it, feel it…I knew it would change my life when I stole it. I just didn’t think that he’d catch up to me. But he has. Unfortunately for me, the only chance I’ve got to stop him is his brother Jaxon. He’s sexier than hell and the spark between us is undeniable.

Together we have to stop his brother from getting his hands on an artifact that could destroy this realm and start a war between the warlocks and the mages. To do that I’m going to have to plunge myself into this battle, and brace myself for the consequences, no matter what they may be.

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About the Book
Series: Alana Creed: Timejumper
Tag: Current Single Books Only
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