Grave Magic

I had the candle . . . and victory over the Lich within reach . . . then everything went to hell.

Vexa Tzarnavaras, funeral home assistant and amateur necromancer, is trapped within her own mind, isolated from everyone who cares about her, unable to help as Aethon, her 600-year-old power crazed ancestor, goes on a destructive rampage.

Her lovers Ethan, the cursed werewolf, and Gwydion the exiled Unseelie Fae, worry for her; but only Cole, the once rival necromancer turned ally & lover, can reach her. But the intimacy of sharing minds, and the secrets he hides, makes him reluctant to give Vexa the support she needs.

As she struggles to battle her own demons and return to who she was before, Vexa’s journey takes her down strange paths into a place far beyond the imaginable.

Secrets are uncovered. Truths are revealed. And the battle for the Candle rages on.

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About the Book
Series: How To Be A Necromancer, Book 4
Genre: Reverse Harem PN Romance
Tag: Reverse Harem Romance
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