Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find all the answers I can offer at this time about book releases, series, events and more!


Soooo.... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???? It's been like 2 years....

I'm seeing a TON of new covers/books that aren't online yet. What's going on with those?

Woman, is the Relic Keeper Series ever going to be completed?

Okay, so if you are  finishing the Relic Keeper series, why has it taken so long?

But you've done a pre-order before and cancelled....are you really going to get us these books on time?

Are you planning on taking another long absence? 

What's your release schedule for 2022/2023?

Are you and Graceley going to finish the Kresova Vampire Harems?

Do you like Social Media?

Are you going to be doing any signings or attending any book events?

When are your other books coming in audio?

Are you planning on Co-Authoring anymore? 

Are you going to finish the following series: Shadow Creatures, The Lace Revolver Chronicles, Supernaturals of Los Melos? 

Do you offer signed paperbacks or special edition hardbacks?

Do you have an ARC team I can join?